Term of use

Term of use
Term of use


Intellectual property rights

The MSC Cruises trademark, the logo and all other distinguishing symbols of MSC Cruises are registered and therefore the exclusive property of MSC Cruises. Any non-authorised use is not permitted. The entire contents of this site, including the programmes, the binary codes, the layout, text, documentation, images and photographic reproductions are the property of MSC Cruises and therefore protected by international copyright laws.

Responsibility limits

The use of this site, which is free, is solely for informative/commercial purposes. For more updated information you can refer to your travel agent. 

MSC Cruises cannot be held responsible for any problems and/or malfunctions arising from the computer, online system, server or the Internet Access Provider.

MSC Cruises reserves the right, at its own discretion and without any rightobligation to provide advance notification or any liability on its part, to either modify, disenable access, or either temporarily or definitively suspend the visualisation of the site, part of the same or of any information contained in the same.

Privacy notice

The user has read and accepts the terms contained in our Privacy statement as indicated on the website: www.msccruises.com

Rules of conduct

The user acknowledges that the use of the site will be undertaken in accordance with existing rules and regulations. In particular, it agrees not to send, attach or transmit in any other form to this site, any material that may be:

i. legitimate, abusive, threatening, obscene, offensive or slanderous;
ii. detrimental to intellectual property rights, privacy or any other right of third parties;
iii. relative to any viruses Trojan, etc.;
The user undertakes not to sell the access and/or the right to use the present site, including any material contained in the same.

User responsibility

The user undertakes to exempt MSC Cruises and its agents, and employees from any responsibility or damage to third parties as the result of the improper use of this site.

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In the event of any problems or for further information on our web site and the current terms of use, please kindly contact:

MSC Cruises S.A.
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In general

The non-validity or non-effectiveness of any part of the present conditions will not jeopardise the efficiency and validity of the remaining parts.The user is aware of the fact that the present terms of use, the Privacy statement and all other information published on this website is available in Italian-English and that the present contract is regulated by Swiss law.